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Theobroma Life Referral Program

Theobroma Life has opened its doors for a Referral Program for Students and Solopreneurs!

Students and Social Media. Every student had that terrifying epiphany how much time you waste on social media! What if you got paid for that? If you are a college student who already spends a lot of time on social media, you can now earn money by using a referral program.

Joining a referral program as a college student is a great side hustle option that can passively put some extra money in your pocket as you go through college.

Refer Students and Soloprenuers and Earn Cash

Join Theobroma Life Referral program and you can make money by promoting Theobroma Life products and referring students. Our mission is to change lives by helping people learn how to refer and earn. Come join us!


Visit this page or go to the following URL to sign up today –


The More Students/Solopreneur you refer, the More Commission we’ll pay you.


We’ll pay you for every sale you generate from Theobroma Life e-shop.

Maximize your earning potential with our amazing support. If you have questions, just contact us. We’re here to help.

Can I join the Theobroma Life Referral Program?

Yes! Apply now if you are interested in earning unlimited commissions by promoting Theobroma Life. Still have questions? Please contact us

What is Theobroma Life Referral Program (CHRP)?

Once you join this program, you will be given a specific identification in a form of a web link. You can use this link when you refer any products of Theobroma Life to everyone you know or to a real-life people on the internet. You can use your time on the internet more fruitfully and make some money out of it too.

Why is CHRP perfect for you?

If you are a college student who is conversant with social media, chances are that you spend quite a lot of time on it. You have probably got around a decade of social media experience on different platforms as the world of social media evolved. Therefore, you have some idea and probably some influence too. While you do spend your time on social media, sharing your life, it is likely that you have made some friends and followers who value your opinion. Now, this is all you need to become successful in CHRP. Dedicate some of time you already spend on the internet to advertising and you can earn money without having to do any extra work. This is perfect for a college student as you do not have to go out of your curriculum to earn money. And the more you use your Weblink ID in your Facebook post, the more exposure you get, the more chances you get an order from your link, the more you get commission.

Here are some CHRP tips to succeed.

Pick what CHRP product you want to endorse

You can easily pick any CHRP products from the Theobroma Life site and all related information are specified. You really should be careful about what and how you promote because a wrong product description or made wrong statement just to make money can ruin all the years of internet image that you have. Hence, it is wise to read carefully your description before you post. Firstly, consider what kind of image you have and whether the product goes with it. Secondly, do carefully read the description specified so you can make your ad around it or do some research about the ingredients of the product like Cacao. Thirdly, think of what message you might be giving.

Sell it well

When it comes to referral program, it is a huge untapped field of opportunity, so not do it half-heartedly. Spend some time on research and development of ideas before you do your marketing. Ask yourself, would you as an audience, be impressed enough with your advertising, to buy the product? Have you seen enough testimonials in youtube from people using them? Keep generating leads, and you will be able to earn quite well.

Test before you launch

This is extremely important, especially for beginners in the field of referral program. Do a trial run of your advertisement on a small test group before launching it for the public. This test group can comprise of your friends, family, or colleagues. Take their opinions into consideration and work out all the kinks before the public sees it.

Be honest

Exaggeration is one thing and lying is another. Don’t let the charm of money sway your judgment. Do not use exaggerating words which makes you lie to sell its product. Don’t misuse the trust that your audience puts in you. Trying to sell lies will make you lose your credibility.

No place for mistakes

Before hitting the enter or ‘publish’ consider your post a billion times because once you hit that button, you cannot take it back without causing at least some damage to your reputation. One offensive post can ruin all the hard work and land you in legal trouble as well.

Theobroma Life Referral Program (CHRP) is a lucrative career option and done right, it can be viable and extremely high paying.


Here is a simple guide for those who have never worked in this sphere before but are ready to try:

  • A student (college or university) needs some health and wellness products.
  • You invite the student to your Facebook account and click your Theobroma Life Weblink ID.
  • When they order from your Theobroma Life Weblink ID, you will receive commission based on that product they order.
  • All orders generated from your Theobroma Life Weblink ID will be paid weekly. Cut off day is Sunday and you will be paid on the following Friday. Example, Cut off on Sunday the 8th, you will be paid on Friday the 13th.

Being Your Own Boss is Great… YOU get to choose which hours per day you work!

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