Distributor’s Platinum Kit – 54 bottles – Next Purchase P300 per bottle

40,500.00 26,664.00

Our Platinum Distributor Package is our Excellent Fast Start Entry to go limitless. You will receive a Lifetime discount of 40% of our Theobroma Superfood; three (3) Business Accounts; 54 bottles of Pure Theobroma SuperFood; Essential Rewards, Competitive Compensation to enjoy 10 Ways to Earn; Exclusive Experience and Recognition. You’ll also enjoy extensive networking opportunities, exclusive hands-on experiences, and a strong sense of community.

You’re on a path to different types of lifestyle – one with great potential to build your business fast with the help of our unique FREE Atrix Accounts and Bonuses, and, the opportunity to bring life-changing solutions to health and wealth around the world. Check out our unique and generous Marketing Plan.

Your next purchase qualifies you for 40% LIFETIME DISCOUNT!



Buy more. Earn More.

Our Platinum distributor’s kit is equivalent to 3 Golds, creating a perfect triangle to maximize income!

Highlights of the Platinum Compensation Plan below show you how to earn money right away and how to grow your team to create residual income.

Highlights of the 7 unique points of our system

Recap for Platinum Package – Your Investment – ₱26,664

  1. You receive 54 bottles = ₱26,664
  2. 3 Business Accounts + 2 Free Atrix Account = 5 Business Accounts straight away
  3. Referral Bonus – ₱1200 + 4 Theobroma bottles equivalent to ₱2000 SRP
  4. Matching Bonus – ₱800
  5. Atrix Bonus
    • Atrix Bonus – ₱200
    • Atrix Matching Bonus – 6 Theobroma Bottles equivalent to ₱600
    • Atrix Bonus Accounts are UNLIMITED!
    • You may earn up to a maximum of ₱35oo from your Atrix bonus per account
    • The system allows the downline to also be an upline and vice versa. You just need to have one member on the right and one member on the left regardless if they are your direct recruits or just spillovers from your sponsor
  6. Personal & Group Unilevel Bonus 
    • Lifetime Points Accumulation – it will not disappear!
    • Push Up Promotion – Definitely no Demotion/Reversion! You won’t be demoted from Manager to Distributor
    • Low Maintenance requirement
  7. Inheritance
    • It allows for the transfer of all benefits accrued by you to your legal family members!
    • It is a networking opportunity that runs generationally.
    • We bring generational dreams to reality. It is Unlimited!

Recap for Platinum Package – Your Investment – ₱26,664

  • You receive 54 Bottles x ₱500 = ₱26,664
  • Plus Bonuses:
    • Total Cash bonuses of ₱2200
    • 10 Theobroma bottles x ₱500 = ₱5000 SRP
    • Bonus Total to ₱7200
  • Return of Investment – ₱26,664 + ₱7200 = ₱33,864

That is a BIG 127% return of your investment of ₱26664 plus 2 FREE Atrix Accounts that will continuously earn commission

Theobroma Life is your vehicle to SUCCESS, so spread your wings & soar!

Watch our Compensation Plan video for complete details.